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  • Dr. Gyeong-Ji Kim Postdoctoral Researcher


    Ph.D. Department of Biomedical Engineering, 

    Sogang University, 2022

    3D cell culture and drug screening

  • Dr. Kyung Ho Kim Postdoctoral Researcher


    Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, 

    Chungnam National University

    FET- sensor based on Flexible nanomaterials

  • Sung Eun Seo Ph.D. Student (co-advisor: Prof. Hyoung il Kim)


    Department of Civil & Environment Engineering, 

    Yonsei University

    Development of monitoring system for environmental hazardous materials based on FET sensor and PCR

  • Jai Eun An Ph.D. Student (co-advisor: Prof. Tai Hyun Park)


    Department of Bioengineering, 

    Seoul National University

    Development of wearable sensor and portable receptonics for in situ detection/diagnosis

  • Soomin Kim M.S. Student (co-advisor: Prof. Hyeong Il Kim


    Department of Civil and Environment Engineering, 

    Yonsei University

    Synthesis of organic compounds for functionalization of nanomaterial surfaces

  • Jung In Kim M.S. Student


    B.S. Sejong University

    Department of Metabiohealth, SKKU

    Development of synthesis using organic compounds for interfacing chemistry

  • Seo Jin Kim Ph.D. Student


    B.S and M.S Kangwon National Univ.

    SKKU advanced Institute of Nanotechnology (SAINT)

    Development of Nano material and biosensors